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SUNDAY 12 JUNE 2016 Starting from 10H – GRAND REX, Paris

24 great witnesses, oceanographers, sailors, scientists and spiritual leaders from all traditions will guide the times of reflection and introspection, accompanied by pictures and great videos, followed by musical interludes performed by international artists.
Together with Paul Watson and Leina Sato as guides, we will explore the ocean and its marine life and open our awareness to the magnitude of the dangers caused by our irresponsible behavior.
Meditations, thoughts, images and music will invite us to wonder , to open our hearts and our consciences to the daydream of living otherwise our lives on Mother Earth.

  • 24 hours of live streaming broadcast
  • 5 continents
  • 40 great witnesses, artists and musicians
  • 50 speakers from all around the world
  • Sponsorship of Leina Sato and Paul Watson
  • exclusive showing of the movie “Mother ocean-
    The Journey” by Jan Kounen & Anne Paris

1, Bd Poissonnière 75002 PARIS Métro Bonne Nouvelle – http://24earth.org – contact@24earth.org


09.30 a.m Welcome with ELYX

09.45 a.m Qi gung Andreas MAMET

10.00 a.m The Ritual of water
With Minthe, water shaman

10.10 a.m From the birth of the universe to the primordial water
Stéphane AYRAULT
The story of Creation, from the Bhajans tradition (India)
Message of Sri Sri Ravi SHANKAR
Meditation and music Stéphane AYRAULT and his musicians

11 a.m The sea viewed from the space
“The overview effect”

Paul WATSON, Leina SATO, Jean Pierre GOUX.
Meditation : Paul WATSON, Leina SATO and Jean-Pierre GOUX
Music: Virginie ROBILLIARD, violin
Yacine AÏT KASI, aka “YAK”, presents his character ELYX

12 noon The ocean and whales, farmers of the sea

André ABREU, TARA expedition, Video: Thank you Plankton
Meditation : guided buy Sofia STRIL-REVER with Dalai Lama‘s video message
Music : Thomas GUEÏ, percussion

1 p.m Shores

With Patricia RICARD, oceanographer
Video : Birth of a Seahorse
Meditation : Andreas MAMET, mantras and vibrations of water
Music : Christina GOH, vocals and percussion

2 p.m The mother sea

With Leina SATO, Hugo VERLOMME, Jan KOUNEN and Anne PARIS
Teaser of the movie “Mother Ocean”
Meditation and music : Virginie ROBILLIARD, violinist, and his guests

3 p.m The 5th dream and the message from the dolphins

Leina SATO with Patrice Van EERSEL and Patrice LEVALLOIS
Meditation and dance : the 5th dream
Tao Meditation:Let’s dream together the future of the world
Music: Etienne AVRONSART, didgeridoo
Toltec meditation of Don Jose RUIZ

4 p.m. We are Ocean

Paul Watson answers the questions from Internet users
Meditation guided by Dominique LUSSAN

5 p.m. Going to the other side

Video of Pope Francis
Ritual of the ocean, Maalem Hachem DARDABI, Gnawa Sufi music,
Music : Hugues REINER, conductor, with 100 choristers

6 p.m inner change, world change.

Valériane Bernard and Bramha Kumaris
video message of Jayanti BEHN
Music : Marc Antoine ZUFFEREY, Singing bowls

7 p.m. Sufi Meditation for the Mediterranean
Cheikh BENTOUNES and Sufi Alawiyya

Meditation for inside water
, grand master of tambura

8 p.m. The Blue Planet,

Jean-François CLERVOY, Nathalie MEUSY, Yacine AÏT KACI, Audrey DANA, Hélène LE BERRE,
Meditation on images from the space
Music : Caroline ALLONZO, song of Casta Diva (Norma de Bellini), Ave Maria of Gounod

9 p.m The last great human cause

Video message from Don Miguel Ruiz
: Toltec wisdom and the water element
David LOUWERSE, cello, sonatas by Bach
Edith Mora CASTELLAN, ritual of Mohawk people

10 p.m. Call of humanity to humanity to save the ocean, whales and dolphins

Alain MICHEL, Paul WATSON, Joseph BOUSSION, Patrice van Eersel, Patrice Levallois, Yves Mathieu.
Ritual of Water by MAORI from New Zeland
Music: Allie DELFAU and Azzedine ADDACH, piano et vocals

11 p.m. Meditation, revolution for our Age

Meditation :Fabrice MIDAL
Final music session with the audience, the musicians and speakers.

Midnight: special showing of the movie “Mother Ocean, The Journey” of Jan Kounen and Anne Paris


texte alternative

Captain Paul Watson, is a Canadian who devoted his life to Save the whales from the massacre of which they are victims in all the seas of the planet. He is the founder of the international organization Sea Shepherd. Often presented as a warrior by his detractors, Paul Watson is a peaceful man, but angry at the human irresponsibility regarding the respect for life and the future of mankind on Earth. He has a scientific and sensible vision of the extraordinary marine ecosystem, which is the second lung of the planet with the forests, and in which the whales, genuine seafarmers, play a key role.

Leina Sato océan dauphins baleinesLeina Sato, is a Franco-Japanese freediver who does not look for any sport performance. As a teenager, swimming with dolphins has given her the will to live , and since then she has not left her friends the whales and dolphins with whom she danced and meditated under water. She speaks to those first people and these early people speak to her. Pregnant, she went to celebrate the future birth of her daughter with her friends cetaceans and Jan Kounen just completed a film, Mother Ocean, which will be screened in extracts and then in full, at the Grand Rex on June 12


alain-michelAlain Michel, founder of “Hommes de Parole” Foundation, President of ” Artisans de Paix – Val de Consolation” and “Terre du Ciel”, is the launcher of the 24 hours of meditation. This cause wants to gather through the opening of consciences, and therefore the Brotherhood, all human beings of the planet. Man inspired and engaged in commitment and action, he founded and led for 14 years the NGO “Equilibre”, which organized aid convoys to distressed populations around the world before being ostracized by international institutions for denouncing all sufferings caused by the embargo in Iraq , yet now recognized as a major cause of the rise of Islamic terrorism.

agnesAgnès ROCHEFORT TURQUIN, Agnès ROCHEFORT TURQUIN , sociologist, journalist and editorial director for a press group, co- programmer of the Summit of Consciousness (2015) , editorial director of the 24 hours of meditation for Water, Whales and Dolphins.

patricePatrice Levallois, author, storyteller, co-creator of the Game of Tao and 64 TAO meditations. He has conceived many famous TV shows : M6 Kids, L’Instit, Les Minikeum’s. He actually forms and initiates organizations and citizens to cooperation and to the establishment of self-managed modes of governance. He is working on the development of deliberation rules for the 4th Chamber, the Independent Deliberative Citizen Assembly.

Yves-MathieuYves Mathieu, (Brasilia University of Peace of Pierre Weil).Founder and co- director of the Agency “Missions Publiques”, specialized in participatory democracy. Global citizen climate debate for COP 21 (10,000 people,76 countries, 24 hour meetings) was one of its projects in 2015.

lilouLilou MACÉ, is a writer, TV broadcaster on the web, video blogger and French speaker. After going through a personal and professional crisis, she discovered ” plenty ” in love and sharing. A way she explores with others through video interviews posted on his YouTube channel ”Tele Lilou”.

arnaud riouArnaud RIOU, author, coach, trainer, facilitator , speaker, behaviorist, explored the different dimensions of the human being (physical, emotional, relational , spiritual and creative) before developing the way of ACTE®, Conscious Approach of the Totality of Being.


Elyx is a small nice guy that distills each day his good humor on social networks. Born from the imagination of YAK ( Yacine Aït Kaci), he is the first virtual United Nations ambassador . He employs all his energy to argue the 17 sustainable development objectives and to share his optimism with contemporary and future generations. Elyx will be at the Grand Rex for 24 hours of meditation and will swim with a whale on a Tee shirt made ​​for the occasion.

Meditation Guides

mintheMinthe, Woman Medicine and missionary of Water , Minthe was adopted as a daughter by Grand Mother Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf and received her initiation of Woman Warrior . She is part of the Apache Nation. Internationally recognized as the shaman of water.

Cheikh Khaled BENTOUNESCheikh Khaled BENTOUNES,spiritual leader of the Sufi Alawiyya confraternity that goes back through time, from master to master , till the Prophet Muhammad and has thousands of affiliates worldwide. In 1986 he participates in meetings of Assisi (Italy) answering to the call of Pope John Paul II he met. In 1999, he attended the inter-tradition meeting in Savoy, following the invitation of the Dalai Lama. He founded the AISA NGO association, that works for the emergence of a society of better living together, based on a spiritual and humanist heritage. In October 2014, AISA NGO organized in Oran (Algeria) the international women’s congress for a Culture of Peace : “Women’s turn to speak”

dominique lussanDominique LUSSAN, founder of Harmonic Vision,  will guide a celebration of Reliance with the ocean, inviting to dance on World Sacred Music and Pictures of Yann Arthus-Bertrand. She will remind us our mission of “being and action”

stephane ayraultStéphane AYRAULT, is singer, songwriter, singing bhajans specialist of Indian oral tradition, representative of the International Foundation of Art of Living, founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, for which he has worked for twenty years. He is a former since seventeen years in France and abroad in the field of health education and personal development, stress management and meditation.

don miguel ruizDon Miguel Ruiz is a Mexican shaman recognized internationally . His book “The Four Agreements ” has been read across the world and changed millions of lives . Together with his son, he has just shared the fifth Toltec agreement in a book already recognized internationally , “the fifth Toltec agreement”

fabrice midalFabrice MIDAL, philosopher, founder of the Western School of meditation. One of the most known meditation teachers in Europe. Author of more than twenty books. In his opinion,” the meditation is the last great revolutionary adventure of our Age”

valerianeValériane BERNARD, expert in meditation, represents in the UN in Geneva the International School of Brahma Kumaris, headquartered in Rajasthan. She teaches a method of meditation and self-knowledge. Brahma Kumaris is an NGO actively involved in the environmental movement for raising awareness of citizens and governments about spiritual and religious forces that drive climate change. Valeriane, already present at COP21, will be at COP22 in Morocco, November 2016.

sofiaSophia STRIL-REVER, writer, tibetologist , DALAI LAMA biographer and author of several books with him. She will be accompanied by a video message from DALAI LAMA .

Sri Shyamji BhatnagarSri Shyamji Bhatnagar. Originally from India. When he was 12 years old met in the mountains of the Himalaya a guru that taught him nada yoga (the yoga of sound). He emigrated to the United States where he developed the foundations of microchakras, that now he teaches worldwide. He founded the Chakra Institute for the evolution of human species.

andreasAndreas MAMETformed himself several years in India and Tibet, teaches in several countries some techniques of meditation he considers the most effective. The mantra is one that has his greatest favor, being especially gifted with a voice of incredible power, able to transmit to water a vibratory wave in wide diffusion.

Artistes musiciens

virginie robilliardVirginie ROBILLIARD, violinist, international soloist invited on the most prestigious stages around the world. She is also one of the few artists of that level to venture into moments of improvisation, where her personality finds the best expression, especially when she is deeply touched and inspired: that is the case of the experience of Leina Sato with dolphins and whales.

etienneEtienne AVRONSART, didgeridoo player, multi millennial and totally natural instrument of native Australian Aborigines that traveled through time from the Stone Age to the present, spreading its powerful sound and harmonic vibrations.

hugues reinerHugues REINER , Up to date, he has directed about 1500 concerts in over 40 countries. He collaborated with many great soloists. But it is also choirmaster of the major masterpieces of sacred repertoire. Very sensitive and with a real human engagement, Hugues Reiner is also head of the European Orchestra for Peace, with a chorus of vulnerable people.

zuffereyMarc-Antoine ZUFFEREY, geobiologist , therapist and musician. His harmonic songs accompanied by bowls have the power of bringing out the most suitable overtones for meditation.

louwerse davidDavid LOUWERSE renowned cellist, first prize in cello and chamber music at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, he polished his skills at BANFF Center of Arts (Canada) and Yale University (United States). He is invited to play on all the major international stages.

thomas gueiThomas GUEÏ, percussionist, actor and choreographer . international artist. Born in Ivory Coast, in a family of musicians and traditional dancers . He joined at the age of 7 years one of the best art schools in his country . He became chief percussionist of the company Guirivoires of Rose-Marie Guiraud, which seeks to perpetuate the traditional songs and dances. Today he is a soloist of the acclaimed Georges Momboye company and musical director of Sunan group.

christina gohChristina GOH is a singer- songwriter. After a degree in psychology and journalism in France, she choose a musical career and in 2008 became internationally recognized. She is also a poet and wrote the book ” The songs of the hearts”. The power of the texts of this singer excited lot of francophile anglophone fans, who call her “The french star of tomorrow “. She will perform , accompanied by two percussionists, a song she has composed for 24 hours.

i muvriniI MUVRINI, 8 golden records and 2 victories for this band of Corsican music and songs founded by two brothers, Alain and Jean -François Bernardini. This Corsican group has the largest worldwide reputation, particularly because it opened up to the world music. Committed to non-violence, I Muvrini are constantly invited on the biggest french and international stages.

hachemHachem Dardabi, was initiated in young age to the Gnawa art by his father, Adbelmoula Dardabi, grandmaster Gnawa Sufi. Recognized Maalem by the ancients, he is one of the few of his generation to play all the traditional repertoire (drums, dances, songs and music).


allonzo_Caroline ALLONZO, Price of the National Conservatory of Music of Paris,Caroline Allonzo sings the great repertoire of classical music and loves to perform with french song artists.


jean pierre gouxJean-Pierre GOUX, mathematician, winner of SIAM, specialist in mathematical modeling which he applies to the field of energy savings. The 1992 Rio Summit contributed in raising his awareness and his commitment in ecology. He published “the Blue Century”, a scientific thriller inspired by both science and Navajo spirituality. He offers his laboratory of ideas for living in harmony on planet Earth.

nathalie meusyNathalie MEUSYis head of sustainable development at the European Space Agency (ESA, and responsible of the initiative of the European House of commons, which oceans are obviously part of.

patricia ricardPatricia RICARD, is oceanographer, president of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute engaged in the protection of the Mediterranean. She will be accompanied by amazing video images.

anne parisAnne PARIS, co- director with Jan Kounen’s of the movie “Mother Ocean”

patrice van eerselPatrice VAN EERSEL, writer, co- author of the Game of Tao and author of the bestseller “The Fifth dream”, sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. By observing musicians playing jazz with wild orcas, Patrice Van Eersel started exploring the affinity of men with cetaceans. What is the secret of our complicity with the dolphins, deemed to have a language ? Have these animals a conscience like us? What can we learn from them about the fate of humanity? During his investigation, he discovered the Native American myth of the Fifth dream about life, its origins, its future and the evolution of species.

yacine ait kaciYacine AÏT KACI, designer , director, digital artist (Electronic Shadow), Yacine AIT Kaci reinvents his relation with the world through the creation of a virtual personality, the cheerful Elyx, designed and featured with a quirky and poetic look. His multiple daily publications on social networks has made him a phenomenon of the web and this little character, committed to save the planet and for the brotherhood on Earth, has also become   virtual ambassador for the United Nations.

joseph boussionJoseph BOUSSION  works since 6 years on citizen mobilizations for “Du flocon à la Vague”, ecologist association that protects and educates on the water protection alongside international sportsmen.

patrick viveretPatrick VIVERETphilosopher engaged in the field of alternative social innovations. After being public auditor at the Court of Auditors, he is the author of the report on the new factors of wealth, and co-founder of “Dialogue en Humanité”. In his opinion, we are assisting at the end of this world, but it is not enough to proclaim it, we must invent the new world…and we need to do it with jubilation, frugality and conviviality.

jean françois clervoyJean-François CLERVOYis a French engineer, astronaut. He participated in three space missions. He is also Ambassador of the World Ocean Network. Sponsor of ” te mana o te mana” association for rising awareness and protection of the marine environment in French Polynesia, JF Clervoy is also the representative of the ESA in the project SeaOrbiter, for exploration of the oceans.

hugo verlommeHugo VERLOMMEAuthor, among others things, of classics like “Mermère” and “L’homme des vagues”, he has written many visionary books full of poetry and “oceanic spirituality.”

jean kounenJan KOUNENFranco- Dutch filmmaker Dobermann (1997) Blueberry , the secret experience (2004) , Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009) 99 Francs (2007) Flight of the Storks ( 2012). He will present his new film “Mother Ocean”, co-directed with Anne Paris, about the relationship of Leina Sato with whales and dolphins during her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.

Hélène LE BERRE, eco ethnologist, has just returned from an overwintering lasted 14 months on Amsterdam Island, in the Southern Ocean, where she studied fur seals, penguins and albatrosses. This island, the most isolated in the world, is still polluted by many plastic waste and these species of birds and marine mammals are not immune from climate change.

gael giraudGaël GIRAUD,

one of the most gifted economist of his generation, went through the slums of Chad and the New York market halls before joining the Jesuits and becoming a Catholic priest. Scientific Advisor of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, he headed the economic department of the French Development Agency (AFD) and he is the author of “The Financial illusion” and prefaced the French edition of Steve Keen’s book “Debunking Economics”.

audrey danaAudrey DANA, actress, writer and French director, she is working on a documentary on ecology.

In the case of unforeseeable difficulties due to the large number of speakers and musicians, this program is likely to be slightly altered at the last minute, without us having the opportunity to inform you of these changes. If that were to happen please excuse us.